Hosting a Busy Bag Swap


Busy bags are just the greatest!  They are a low cost way of providing fun activities for your young one.  It takes a bit of creativity and time to make these wonderful busy bags so a great way to accomplish a big task while having fun is by hosting a Busy Bag Swap playdate.  Not only does it give you a deadline to actually finish a DIY project but it also gives you an opportunity to get together with friends for a playdate.  So how do you begin hosting a busy bag swap?  Easy!  Just follow these simple steps.

Small Potatoes
  1. See who wants to participate.  10 people are a pretty good amount to do a busy bag swap with.  Usually it is also a good number to cap off the RSVP list at.  You will need to make 10 busy bags of the same activity and that can get tedious, so 10 bags are generally doable.

2. Once people start to RSVP, find out what busy bag activity they decided to do. You can do it in a theme such as counting or colors or even doing a spring or winter theme.  You can also just do a free for all.  The most important is that you make sure you know what everyone is doing so that there are no duplicate activities.  It takes a bit of organisational skills but trust us when we say this activity is definitely worth it.

3. Give everyone ample amount of time to work on their busy bags. Everyone knows with little kids it takes moms twice as long to finish a project.  Give it a month to a month and half for moms to finish their busy bags.  To move the process along, you can also host some Mum’s Night Out where you can get together before hand to work on your busy bags, share supplies and tools as well as drink some great wine!  This is always the most fun about putting together a busy bag swap.

Coffee cups and crayons

4. Pick a playdate time and location to do the swap. Make sure that it is a place where you can set out 10 grocery bags or paper bags where every mom split their busy bags into.  Kids will have fun playing with each other and running around while the mums can show off their craft work.  After the playdate is over, everyone gets to walk away with a bag full of all different types of busy bags to entertain their precious little ones for hours!

These busy bags are great to bring to when traveling, at restaurants or visiting family homes where you are not sure they have toys for your children.    You’ll be so happy with all the fun busy bags you acquired you won’t be able to wait to host your next busy bag swap!





Here are some more great busy bag ideas to help with your inspiration, or you can follow us on our Busy Bag Board on Pinterest.


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