Kid Friendly Ways to Organize Toys

Are you tired of picking up a million little toys everyday? What about having to stop and dig through a huge toy box to find a microscopic piece to a playset that your child needs right now?

You need a way to sort all those parts and pieces, but how? Kid-friendly organizing has to be customized to the age and abilities of your child, as well as the space you have available. But it can be really easy, and it doesn’t need to be expensive, either.

Here are five fun and easy ways to start organizing the chaos:

  1. Storage Bins

The easiest way to organize toys for children is to use small bins that are kept on shelves.  Small containers are easier for kids to manage without hurting themselves.

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Smaller bins also mean you can divide up toys by type or sets. For example, play food in one bin, building blocks in another, and so forth.

So which type of containers are best? For lightweight toys, canvas bins are ideal. They come in all sizes, and can be kept in a bookcase, a cube shelf, or along the wall.

Tough plastic baskets and bins are better for heavier toys. Totes with latches are even better for items such as building blocks. Latches can prevent a few accidental “spills”.

Wicker and other natural materials are not a great solution for kids. They are hard to keep clean. They can also fall apart with too much rough-handling which could be dangerous.

To help kids remember which toys go in which bins, you can use print labels (for those who can read), or photo labels. You can usually find a nice, small picture of the toy somewhere on the original package. Just snip this and tape it to the container as a reference.

Medium-sized plastic food storage boxes are a perfect way to store small puzzles. Choose one size so that they stack neatly in the closet. Much better than the rickety towers of mismatched puzzle boxes!


  1. Shoe Organizers for Toys
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An adult-sized shoe organizer is the perfect way to store dolls and action figures.  Use the extra pockets for keeping accessories and clothes together.

Clear vinyl pockets are better, since kids can see  the contents without digging.  You can even label each pocket with the doll’s name, so it becomes his or her own “home”.

Pocket organizers work well for more than just dolls. They are a great place to store dress-up items and small miscellaneous toys. Use the pockets as a parking place for toy trucks or as displays for stuffed animals.


  1. Color Coding
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Have more than one child? Stop arguments and time-consuming toy sorting by assigning each child a color. Their storage bins, labels, boxes, etc. will all have their color attached.

This solution is wonderful for children who share a room. or for a playroom. All kids have some special toys they want to keep to themselves. This system keeps those favorites apart from shared toy collections.

To coordinate this idea, you can also label the storage shelves. Add matching organizers and even chore charts too!


  1. Book Baskets
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Books aren’t  “toys”, but they often take up a lot of space in the bedroom or nursery. Since children’s books come in all sizes (and shapes), they can take  up much more room than adult books. It can be hard for a small child to pull out one book without causing a lot more to tumble down or fall over.

The solution? Book baskets! Hunt for hard plastic baskets that will fit your shelf. Place them so that one end is facing outwards, and “file” those board books standing up.

This is a great solution for deep shelves because it takes advantage of the extra space by storing books front-to-back.   You can fit almost twice as many books onto a single shelf. Much easier for little ones to pull down one basket and flip through the books!


  1. Toy Rail

This solution works well when there is limited floor space for creating shelf storage. Simply install a low rod in a closet, a corner, or even across a narrow section of the room.  String reusable shopping bags on the rod for holding extra toys.

Hang the bar low enough that children can see into the bags, and they can easily slide them around.   You can make it more permanent, by placing the rod through the bag handles.  Or you can make the bags removable by using hangers with clips.

Organizing for Kids Can Be a Fun Challenge!

At first, it may seem like you have too many toys, and not enough sanity to organize them all. Once you begin though, you will find that it is a fun project that your children will enjoy too!

No more looking for missing blocks, no more needing help to get certain items from the back of the closet. Kid friendly organizing helps kids be responsible and feel independent. All while giving you a (hopefully) clean floor!

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